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Dallas Wedding Videographer and Cinematographer Alex Talis and his crew have over 40 years of combined wedding cinematography & videography experience.  They bring national awards and recognition to their video productions.  Their films have been seen over 200,000 times and been featured in major publications as well as featured on major websites and blogs.  The All Hd Wedding videographers in Dallas have won numerous awards and are recognized as highly creative experts in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  A member of the Dallas Producers Association and the DFW-PVA [ Dallas/Fort Worth – Professional Videographers Association ].

All HD Weddings was established back in early 2010 as primarily a wedding videography and cinematography studio focused on the wedding market place.  We started our wedding services in the Dallas area which included north Dallas county, Highland Park, Plano, and most parts of West Dallas.  Since that time we’ve expanded our service area to include all of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and have expanded our business into commercial, documentary, corporate, and cinematography where we now travel both domestically and internationally.

All HD Weddings was started with one goal in mind: to tell our clients’ stories as beautifully and unobtrusively as possible.  Our videos capture the wedding events we cover as precisely as they happen.  Nothing fake, no flashing screens, nothing gaudy.


We have all been to weddings where the videographer is the most noticeable people there - the bright lights, intrusive shots or the in your face interview questions.  At All HD Weddings, we do our best to avoid them entirely.  We don’t like distractions that put anyone on the spot. 

From Alex

A multi award winning Videographer, Alex S. Talis oversees the talented team of videographers in Dallas. His knowledge of the film and video production industry, combined with years of cinematography and videography experience behind the camera, offer an unmatched insight into the entire video production process.

"I tell stories.  Good stories.  Great stories.  This is why I started All HD Weddings, so that I can tell your story." -– Alex S. Talis, Director, Producer, and Videographer.

I’m finicky about details and look for little things that tell a better story.  A simple glance, an intimate look, or a simple jester can make the story.


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