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Our Wedding Philosophy

We believe that hiring a professional wedding videoographer or photographer deserve a professional that is able to use his or her technological expertise and creative vision to create a wedding product that clients and amateur could not on their own.  With high-end digital SLR cameras becoming more and more affordable, there are many amateur videoographer out there posing as professionals.  Our goal is to educate our clients on the differences, and provide artistic imagery that far surpasses other top notch wedding videography studios.

Therefore, our wedding videography philosophy has three primary parts as follows:

  1. Wedding videographers are artists and therefore must have a deep understanding of artistic theory including concepts on composition, lighting, color, design, balance, etc.
  2. Wedding videographers should be using professional grade camera and lighting equipment.
  3. Wedding videographers are constantly challenged by lighting situations with time constraints and therefore a wedding videographers must be a master of their equipment.  Being able to adjust camera settings, anticipate lenses needs, use on and off-camera lighting techniques to name a few are crucial to being able to consistently create a professional wedding video.